I believe it’s our birthright to feel connected to the land and to know how to care for ourselves, each other, and the Earth. Herbal medicine has helped me reclaim my relationship with ancestral botanical knowledge, and my hope is to share this connection with you too. 

Seasonal Medicine Box 
CSA Community Supported Apothecary

Deepen into the seasonal rhythms with a bundle of herbal remedies sent to you each season. Each medicine contains plants mindfully wild harvested or cultivated in my garden. My Community Supported Apothecary is a great way to build your herbal medicine cabinet, fill your home with plant magic, gain more knowledge about herbal wellness, and feel more connected to the plant world. 

You will get: four seasonal boxes, filled with 5-7 handmade products such as elixirs, tinctures, honeys, vinegars, teas, body oils, salves, salts, spices and other medicines. Also included is a zine with in-depth information about each medicine in the box, an introduction to one or two seasonally available medicinal plants, recipe ideas, and personal wellness rituals for each season.  

Pricing: $390 for 4 seasonal boxes with shipping, $340 with local pickup. Payment plans available.

Schedule: Mid January, Mid April, Mid July, Mid October (timing of when the boxes get sent out may vary a little based on seasonal timing of the herbs I am harvesting for each box). If you would like to gift a subscription, gift cards with information on the CSA are available.

Contact: Anna through my website or at thewildherbalistnw@gmail.com to sign up.
To purchase products individually, visit my Etsy page 

What people are saying:

“The Nettles and Petals herbal CSA box was such a meaningful and wonderful gift for the health of our whole family.  I always looked forward to my shipment; unwrapping each delicately wrapped product, discovering the benefits of each mixture with my kids, and sitting down with a cup of tea for a moment by myself to learn about the plants. Anna takes care to explain the medicinal and energetic benefits of each plant in her ‘zine that accompanies the box and adds beautiful poems and artwork. Anna was very thoughtful in offering families alternative blends without alcohol so we could share medicine, when appropriate, with our kids. My toddler really loved the syrups and shrubs, and surprisingly really enjoyed the fire cider. This was a fun and easy way to bring herbal medicine into our family in a seasonal, personal way. Perhaps the best aspect of the box was that it encouraged me to bring herbs into my family’s lie in a more regular way- both through the box products and through applying new or refreshed knowledge of herbs into our family’s seasonal food routines and rituals.” – Beth

“Thank you for the incredible box of your loving magic! Your box arrived on Election Day and it was such a wonderful distraction plus just made me feel grounded. I am pretty positive there is aromatherapy benefits immediately as my entire being calmed down as I opened each beautiful product. The packaging of each product is fantastic as well! I loved the paper (reminded me of a European apothecary), the attention to detail in labeling, the unique products that feel very personal of your style and integrity. I am looking forward to learning as I use your products too, which is a wonderful tribute to your holistic wisdom. The zine is a labor of love along those lines as well!” – Lucy

“Thanks for the great herbal products you made with so much love and care. I can feel it when I use them! ” – Nan

“It was truly a gift opening my CSA box. I’m so inspired and feel grateful for the thought, care and loving intention you put on each item. What magic medicines!” – Caylee

Receiving anna’s herbal csa was better than christmas!  My three year old and I carefully opened a box smelling and tasting of such deliciousness – from fennel blossoms to turkey tails to mugwort and poplar buds.  Anna uses ingredients that she harvests herself, and the difference is profoundly felt; you may see a box, but what you are really getting is the spirit of the woods.  She’s one of the best medicine makers I know, and the way she brings the plants into my daily rhythms is truly life-changing.  I wouldn’t know how to cook without her herb salt, for one…   -Frieda Kipar Bay 

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